Life Alignment Mentoring

Life Alignment Mentoring

A successful specialised mentoring program, designed to help you create powerful new thinking.

The programme can help you to overcome obstacles with our heart-felt support, and replace negative or disempowering beliefs with new empowering beliefs Moving you on from that feeling of being stuck. The programme can help replace any non-serving habits with new, simple and successful daily habits to see your life and/or business elevated to new heights.

Transformational Coaching

We include an in-depth transformational coaching session where we will maintain a strong focus on alleviating your three top challenges.  All this to enable you to become the bester version of yourself, easily and quickly.

Energy Clearing

We can work to clear and uplift any past life energies that no longer serve you to free you fully for your ongoing personal development. You will also be guided through your future vision and be given a simple technique to bring the resonance of your happy, successful future into the here and now. To align with your new life.


They have helped
them overcome

  • Procrastination
  • Fears
  • Stagnancy

proven to be

  • Quick
  • Powerful
  • Incredibly uplifting

And their results
have been

  • An increase in inspired ideas
  • A buzz for life
  • Increased confidence

This specialised mentoring program is designed to:

  • Help you create powerful new thinking.
  • Stop you slowing down by removing any blocks that inevitably arise as you develop your new life and mind-set help you overcome obstacles with heart-felt support.
  • Replace negative or disempowering beliefs with new empowering beliefs.
  • Give you an experienced partner to move you beyond feeling ‘stuck’.
  • Replace any non-serving habits with new, (simple) successful daily habits, to raise the ‘default’ level of your life.
  • See your life, business, and happiness elevated to new heights.

Includes light homework between sessions for accountability, extra information to boost your success and to keep you uplifted. PLUS email contact for questions and answers.

Client Testimonials

“Dear Helen
I just wanted to write to you to say a MASSIVE thank you. Meeting with you has been life changing, when I first met you I felt at a real cross roads in my life and very sad and disillusioned after the breakdown of my marriage. I found the sessions so enlightening and your knowledgeable, calm approach so comforting. I came away feeling lighter and so much happier and excited about life and the opportunities ahead. You helped me to turn my negative thoughts around, I also started to laugh and smile again. Since our sessions I have been so more positive and confident and so much has changed for the better in response to this.

I now look forward to the future with a spring in my step 🤗Thank you so much.”


“Helen has helped both my partner & me enormously over the years. My partner recommended Helen to me to help me work out the causes of my unhappiness and anger, as it was having a detrimental effect on our relationship.

I am now in a place where I am very happy, have a wonderful relationship & I have managed to achieve a healthy weight. This has boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem in all areas of my life. I can’t thank Helen enough for the difference she has made to my life.”


“The teaching Claire offers allows for the integration of our deeper truths.

“She is a wonderful coach, generous, kind, and very helpful.

“I have grown so much with her and I continue to grow.

“I want to acknowledge how much she has shown me the path to happiness.”

Florence Fage
LOA Relationship Coach & Spiritual Artist
Paris, France

“Claire is an inspiration, she has put the twinkle back in my eyes.

“Through divine coaching, Claire and her team have guided me to trust and believe in myself and understand who I truly am. They’ve accompanied me through my transformation and I am absolutely grateful. I now practice how to love, forgive and connect with myself, others, my surroundings, the planet, the universe. I can say I have peace of mind and I am happy.

“Thank you Claire and the team for your guidance, support, wisdom and love.”

Claire Elmer
Founder of

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