Discover How To Truly…


…Despite Any Feelings of Insecurity, Uncertainty, Lack of Confidence or Not Believing in Yourself.

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What You’re Going To Find Within This EMPOWER YOURSELF’ Program…

In this special step-by-step program, you are going to start a journey together with Claire and Helen on a path to a BETTER LIFE, unlocking the very best version of yourself. It is now YOUR time to live your life with true authenticity so that you can co-create, manifest and live the LIFE you have always wanted and deserve – even if you feel that you have sometimes struggled.

  • How to Discover and Allow Your True Self to Emerge Whilst Permanently Removing the Weight of What Has Been Constantly Holding You Back
  • How to Take Easy Steps Towards Creating an Empowered Life by Subliminally Rewiring Your Unconscious Thoughts to Silence Your Inner Critic
  • ​How to Uncover and Enhance Your Unique Hidden Talents and Your True Potential
  • How to Stop Berating Yourself for The Past and Unveil Your Brighter and Happier Future
  • How, Together, We Can Help You Take Easy Steps so That You Can Continue This Journey of Empowerment to EVOLVE, EXPAND, and LIVE The Life You Truly Deserve
Helen Grundy & Claire Devonshire

About Helen and Claire

Helen and Claire (Chellenaire) are an internationally renowned duo known for their subconscious belief-changing work, bespoke energy clearing, retreats in Greece, and for their upbeat attitudes and inspiring messages of wisdom.

Clients have expressed how Claire and Helen’s combined energies created profound positive change. 

The Chellenaire duo are passionate about uplifting and helping others to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.


“This 21 days Empowerment Course is really amazing. Claire and Helen are so warm and caring and are wonderful guides. I found that the lessons and videos inspired me to look into myself and find the things that I am really good at as well as learning and improving the things I don’t feel so good about myself.”
– Sue H.

“The empowerment program has been amazing, it has taught me how to be myself and to feel great about it, boosting my overall confidence. I enjoyed doing the programme and felt Helen and Claire made it fun and interesting .”
– Francesca B.

“Claire and Helen’s energies are symbiotic, like they are Yin and Yang in action. When they combine, they are incredibly powerful. No wonder they do what they do!”
– Gabrielle H.

“The ‘Empower yourself’ programme was well worth doing and I would definitely do another programme with Chellenaire. I feel able to be more lovingly powerful having followed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone who is at a crossroads in their lives.”
– Krysia C.

What’s included…

  • 21-Day, Step-by-Step proven process
  • Weekly video and audio-based, easy-to-follow online program
  • Empowering and transformative meditations
  • Action based and printable Program Pages to keep you on track
  • 15-mins uplifting Daily Affirmations
  • Designed to fit in with your everyday routine
  • Private Facebook group for support and discussion
  • Repeatable program to keep yourself evolving.