Empowering the Divine Feminine
Retreat 2022

Where the mountains meet the sea…
the sacred Grecian energies combine with the Lemurian and Atlantean wisdom…
to ignite and inspire the soul…
in the higher vibrations of the Ascended Masters.

Claire Devonshire

Claire Devonshire

Helen Grundy

retreat group

Join us, Helen and Claire, Spiritual & Business Mentors and Energy Masters, for a profound, heart opening and life transforming luxury retreat on the beautiful island of Kefalonia, Greece.
21st September to the 28th September 2022.

Enlighten Your Life with Passion
Supercharge Your Law of Attraction
Magnify Your True Soul Purpose

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What Happens on our Retreat

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Why Go on this Retreat?

  • Perhaps you have suffered a loss?
  • Or an ending of a relationship/marriage/divorce?
  • Do you feel lost or lack direction in your life?
  • Are you carrying trauma from childhood or the past?
  • Do you have low self-esteem?
  • Are you feeling unfulfilled?
  • Do you need emotional healing from sadness or grief?
  • Or do you just want to get away for some YOU time?

This is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For!

We will take you by the hand through a unique step-by-step programme which has been trialled and tested with many ladies to outstanding results of happiness, fulfilment and self-discovery. During this retreat you will:

  • Release negative patterns that have been hindering you
  • Clear trauma
  • Learn powerful techniques
  • Find your true potential and heighten your self-esteem
  • Feel supercharged (like Wonder Woman!)

All in an indulging and healing environment by the sea.
Experience a whole new lease of life whilst making fabulous new friends.

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Retreat Testimonials

This week has been amazing!

A wonderful time in Kefalonia…

I’ve had a fantastic time…

Imagine standing in the ancient energies of the Sacred Monastery of Saint Gerasimos, the patron Saint of Kefalonia, renowned for his healing capacity, whilst basking in the supportive strength of these powerful mountains.

Relax in the nurturing energy, transforming you to a place of healing and dreams…

What might you sense?

Bask in the energies of Ionian Ocean and sense yourself rebalancing, allowing yourself to unfurl lifetimes of limitation from your mind, body and energy field and infusing you with the highest vibrations available to you now.

What might you free yourself from?

Indulge in the mild and temperate climate of the beautiful Ionian Sea while connecting with the Lemurian and Atlantean wisdom during a blessing ceremony aboard a luxury yacht.

Relax in the peace and tranquillity of secluded beaches to really celebrate yourself and your wonderful, new life journey.

What possibilities await you?

Tantalise your taste buds with 5★ cuisine and enjoy the healthy, and flavoursome food from naturally grown local sources.

Choose from a wide variety of vibrant dishes, to suit all dietary requirements, whilst gazing out across the sea and bay and enjoying the company of like-minded new friends.

How much fun and laughter
is waiting for you?

Start the morning with refreshing yoga movements to tune up physically and emotionally for the coming day.

Are you ready to supercharge
your mind, body and soul?

Incredible Venues!

Kefalonia is an exotic paradise, rich in ancient energies, history and natural fauna and flora.

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The Greek Island of Kefalonia enfolds us in its friendly, warm, nurturing and healing embrace. Its air is filled with the scent of natural herbs and its abundance of streams nurture the naturally grown food. Olive and lemon trees abound.

The island oozes with a rich biodiversity of endemic and rare species upon the beautiful combination of mountains and coastal areas.

Endangered Loggerhead turtles nest on many of the beaches along the southern coastline and are seen in the waters with seals, dolphins and whales.

The pace of life is gentle and respectful.

The retreat is held in a luxury 5* hotel located near the sandy, golden beach, with lush gardens and infinity pool overlooking the dazzling waters of the Ionian Sea and majestic moutain backdrop,
Xi Beach, well-known for its clean, clear waters for swimming and snorkeling, and its healing clay outcrops, is an idyllic destination in which to relax and to restore the soul.
This rural setting is a paradise for lovers of nature, so if you enjoy walking, discovering rare plants and birds, bring some comfortable shoes and follow the local footpaths.
Everything about your stay has been designed to combine the authentic Greek with modern comforts to bring luxury to your experience – and only a 5 minute walk to the beach!

Your accommodation for the week is your own deluxe double room with ensuite.

All rooms are furnished in a modern style and are clean and comfortable.

Terrace or balcony provides outdoor seating to relax and take in the view.

Delicious Greek food to tantalise your taste buds!

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Kefalonian food is natural and locally grown. The East Mediterranean sunshine fills the salads with energy, vitality and flavour.

The delicious seafood is from local sources, straight from the sea.

Have any dietary requirements? No problem, just let us know and the chef will ensure that your tastes are catered for.

Breakfast and evening meal are included and are an opportunity to sample from a vast selection, freshly prepared by the chef.

And in typical Greek style, we love to socialise together around the meal table.

Let’s make a positive difference together

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