Power Up Your Positivity

Do you understand the law of attraction and the power of positive mindset BUT find it difficult to maintain?

Or do you find yourself getting dragged back or dipping by negative circumstances or people?

First of all, do not panic!
You are not alone.

It is quite normal to feel this way at times as we all fluctuate and find ourselves dealing with ups and downs in life.

There is a great way to ensure that you maintain your progress and keep you in alignment.

What if one online course could simply change the way you think, and help you achieve more in your life than you ever thought you would?

It would be amazing, right?


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We have created this group as many of our clients tell us that they need help to maintain their positivity in their everyday lives despite having learnt and understood the Law of Attraction and knowing how important it is to stop slipping backwards, they still struggle and want to overcome this.

On this course you will:

  • Magnify your Law of Attraction in more positive ways
  • Address and clear any areas where you get stuck
  • Learn useful techniques to keep positive no matter what’s happening
  • Learn some easy steps to fine-tune your focus
  • Discover how this positively affects your relationships and career
  • Become clear about where you are going and what you want in your life

The course consists of:

  • Monthly 2-hour video zoom call with Helen and Claire
  • 5-month process
  • Accountability
  • Help, tips and advice
  • Meditation/visioning

This group is definitely for you if you are serious about boosting your positivity and supercharging your life. This is a small exclusive group with limited places.

The group will be starting on August 7th 2020.
The following dates will be:

  • Friday 4th September 2020
  • Friday 2nd October
  • Friday 6th November
  • Friday 4th December
  • All between 10.00am until 12.00pm UK time


Please get in touch to go onto our waiting list here.

Here’s what previous clients have said…

“I found the sessions so enlightening and your knowledgeable, calm approach so comforting. I came away feeling lighter and so much happier and excited about life and the opportunities ahead.
You helped me to turn my negative thoughts around, I also started to laugh and smile again. Since our sessions I have been so more positive and confident and so much has changed for the better in response to this.”

Mrs. T

“It has changed my life from being in a state of depression and often despair to literally living the life of my dreams!  So empowering! ”


“Claire and Helens energies are symbiotic, like they are Yin and Yang in action. When they combine, they are incredibly powerful. No wonder they do what they do!”


Let’s make a positive difference together

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