Mastermind Group

This mastermind group is dedicated to you if you are a Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Leader who wishes to truly make a difference in the world.

A Six-Month, Six-Step Proven Process

Do you want to…

Become a Mastermind in your life and business ?

Really define and clear anything that is holding you back ?

Increase and drive your financial flow so that you can achieve more of what you love doing ?

Live your life with more purpose ?

Expand your business ?

Maximise your potential ?

Are you ready?

This is your chance to work with Chellenaire in a niche group of leaders.

You must be 100% committed and ready to make that change and take the action required.

You will be kept accountable every month.

You will have a private support Facebook group in between.

We will help you to bust through your belief barriers and clear whatever is holding you back right now…

And make the transformation that you wish to achieve.

Online Zoom sessions for a limited number of Masters.

Starts Friday 2020 December 4th 10.00 – 12.00 (London time).

What’s included…

  • Monthly 2-hour sessions on Zoom
  • Action based and lead by Helen and Claire of Chellenaire
  • Facebook private group for support and to inspire each other between sessions
  • Ongoing support with Claire and Helen
  • Six-month, six-step proven process

What you will achieve…

  • Get your business thriving and expanding every month
  • Work with a niche group of Mastermind individuals who are all dedicated and on a mission
  • Monthly inspiration help, advice, and brainstorming
  • Accountability for your monthly actions so that you will really achieve results

Be happy and at one with your business and your life.

To inquire about becoming a Mastermind email us at

“I found the sessions so enlightening and your knowledgeable, calm approach so comforting. I came away feeling lighter and so much happier and excited about life and the opportunities ahead.
You helped me to turn my negative thoughts around, I also started to laugh and smile again. Since our sessions I have been so more positive and confident and so much has changed for the better in response to this.”

Mrs. T

“It has changed my life from being in a state of depression and often despair to literally living the life of my dreams!  So empowering! ”


“Claire and Helen’s energies are symbiotic, like they are Yin and Yang in action. When they combine, they are incredibly powerful. No wonder they do what they do!”



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