Life Coaching & Mentoring

Gain clarity, clear blocks & find success

Life Coaching & Mentoring

Manifest the life you are truly worthy of living so that your light reminds others that they can experience this also.

As Divine beings having a human experience there is a worldwide calling for us all to (re)connect, to be of help and assistance for all living beings.

If you are currently feeling less than your fully expansive energy then Chellenaire are here to help you clear and upgrade.

This includes easily and quickly clearing dense energies, current and past life issues (from this planet and others), shifting multi-dimensional aspects and any obstructive connection with any soul, on any level and any dimension.

ERASE your Past Life issues


your Past Life issues

IGNITE your True Passion and Soul Purpose


your True Passion and Soul Purpose

ACTIVATE the Law of Attraction to work for you


the Law of Attraction to work for you

Chellenaire will help you to…

Clear Past Negative Influences

Clear any past negative influences

Transmute Emotional Pain

Transmute any emotional pain or patterns

Banish Belief Blocks

Banish your belief blocks permanently

Heighten Happiness Levels

Heighten your happiness levels exponentially

Prepare for a 5D World

Prepare your vibration for living in a 5D world

The Resonance of Deep Love

Live life fully within the resonance of deep love

What to Do next…

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Claire & Helen

Between them, Helen and Claire have over fifty years of experience energy clearing, coaching and mentoring, working with High-dimensional Beings, Ascended Masters, Archangels and more (in Highest Divine Order) to help bring this about for you (and with you) in an enjoyable and empowering way.

Transformational Life Coaching and Mentoring Details

Banish your obstacles with bi-monthly sessions and heart-felt support.

You will immediately replace negative or disempowering beliefs with new empowering beliefs.

Start moving forward and beyond that feeling of being stuck.

See your life and/or business elevate to new heights and new ways of being.

You owe it to yourself and the world.

Energy Clearing Included

Get clear of any past and present life energies that no longer serve you and be free to truly BE You.

Clarify and power up your future vision and activate your successful future into the here and now.

You will align with your new life and then speed up and maximise the process.



Each month includes:

Two personalised 90-minute Sessions with Helen and Claire

Specialised Subconscious Belief Reprogramming

Energy Clearing

Past Life Clearing and Upgrading

Optional homework

Additional information and Telegram/Text/Email interim contact, if needed.

Get started today with your personalised sessions with Helen and Claire.

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