Supercharge Your Team

From STRESSED to their BEST

Supercharge Your Team

From STRESSED to their BEST

Stressed and Calm head

Increase the positive mindset in your company…

In two easy sessions


Stress, anxiety, absenteeism, procrastination, burn-out, pressure and self-sabotage.
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Calmness, inspiration, health, confidence, enthusiasm, self-belief and peak performance.
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An empowered environment of happy and loyal staff for your ultimate success.

Imagine how your business would run if all your key team members totally believed in themselves and happily worked together with heightened capabilities!

Unleash Their True Potential NOW!

Claire Devonshire

Claire Devonshire

Helen Grundy

As used by top athletes and highly successful professionals

We teach your key team members a simple, scientifically proven technique that, used for only 2 minutes per day, gives dramatic improvements and results.

This will take any mindfulness, meditation, or wellbeing processes that you offer up to a whole new level.

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In two easy sessions…

The Initial Half-Day Session

  • We discuss any current challenge (e.g. stress, lack of confidence in public speaking, friction with other team members).
    This highlights their thinking and beliefs to us so that we can mirror back in an insightful way.

  • From the language and the self-talk they use, we teach them how to recognise any negative subconscious belief that is holding them back. This is extremely empowering.
  • With this knowledge, we show them how to write this out as a new belief that works FOR them.

This is when the fun begins!

  • With this new, positive belief, we now teach the simple two-minute process that takes your Team Member into the Gamma Mindset state of super-learning where we imprint their subconscious with the new belief.
  • This process is used by top athletes and highly successful professionals.

  • We always muscle test to ensure that this new belief has been imprinted at a 100% level and once it is done, it is permanent.  This is a simple technique used by Kinesiologists and many others.

But we don’t stop there…
Now it’s time to ramp it up!

  • With our decades of coaching and mentoring experience, we help your Team Member create a powerful vision of their future, one that expresses all their desired success.

  • It is this that boosts the power of inspiration and possibilities for your whole team.

Visioning had been one of the best-kept secrets of the super-successful of countless industries but became more widely known after it was featured on the BBC (and others) to highlight the massive and sudden improvements made by athletes.

By using a simple combination of these two processes and used for at least two minutes a day it has proved to have phenomenal results.

In two easy sessions…

The follow-on Session

This is the perfect opportunity for your Team Member to check-in with how they are doing, be accountable for their everyday 2-minute process and to identify and fine tune new, empowering beliefs.

We offer a 90-minute or half-day session to suit the individual’s needs and requirements.

To totally empower your team we show them the easy way to identify anything that is holding them back, how to word it as a new belief and change it PERMANENTLY!

Remember, we come to your business.


How To Book

Think about which members of your team would benefit most from these transformational sessions.
Decide if they need a one-to-one appointment or a session of up to four participants.
Allow half a day for each of these Initial Sessions.
We recommend that the Follow-on Session is one-to-one unless a specific team project is the focus of attention.
These are offered as quarter-day (ninety minutes) or half-day (allow three hours) sessions based on their needs/requirements or our assessment.
Book the total number of days based on the number of half-day Initial Sessions and half/quarter-day Follow-on Sessions you require (we can help you with this, if required).

The most popular combination is to book sessions over a two to three-week period and opt for further sessions as required.

Each Team Member requires one Initial Session and at least one Follow-on Session.

Subsequent appointments are available either in person or online. Please feel free to discuss any initial inquiries with our PA or, if you would like further assistance or information, request an online call with either of us.

We work with companies who put the wellbeing of their staff as one of their top priorities.

We look forward to working with you and up-levelling your business.


Current Booking Itinerary

(as a guideline only and subject to change)

Month With Claire With Helen
September 2019 London and UK & EU London and UK & EU
October 2019 Dubai London and UK & EU
November 2019 California California
December 2019 London and UK & EU London and UK & EU
January 2020 Dubai London and UK & EU
February 2020 Dubai London and UK & EU
March 2020 California & US London and UK & EU
April 2020 California & US California & US
May 2020 ( Retreat in Kefalonia ) ( Retreat in Kefalonia )

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