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Chellenaire offers a bespoke international energy clearing service for home, business and the subconscious mind.

Chellenaire also provides life enhancement to open-minded clients in a supportive environment, helping them to feel empowered and expanded.

Working with Chellenaire is an important investment for a happier life, a successful future and a productive and prosperous business.

Your home and business are always a true reflection of you, your inner beliefs and expectations, and the energies that surround you. With the use of scientifically proven mindset techniques and by changing the energies in your home and business, big changes can happen for you!

​If your life and career are not going the way you’d hoped, this is usually as a result of subconscious beliefs you may not even be aware of and the negative energies that surround you.

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Chellenaire specialise in a bespoke service to clear and upgrade the energies in your home / business (including your grounds) whilst working closely with you to clear and up-level your energy, beliefs, and mindset.

When you and your environment are in harmony and are beautifully balanced, a higher-vibrational version of your life is free to emerge.

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Client Testimonials

“I’d like to say a huge Thank you to Helen and Claire for their ‘Home and Life Alignment’ visit to my home recently.

“I didn’t know what to expect from the visit but remained open minded and optimistic for what was to come.

“I did not feel any kind of invasion on my personal space and after visiting each room after they had been in and cleared certain areas and upgraded the energy, every room felt lighter and clearer. It’s hard to explain but there seemed to be a new heightened sense of joyfulness for the home I share with my wonderful son and excitement about the new possibilities of de-cluttering and adding in my own renewed energy to make our home more of a loving sanctuary to be enjoyed by all who spend time here.”

Meggie Hannam  |  Director of Serenity Counselling

“Due to the family becoming fragmented as a result of divorce, I felt that the house needed some energy work to clear the space, set new intentions and positivity for us all going forward, and especially our children.

“Helen and Claire visited the house and were very perceptive in summing up the energy/family character in each room. Once the spaces had been cleared, revisiting each room was amazing! I had a much more positive sense of the individual, that they were calmer and happier, and our youngest son’s room had a sense of maturity rather than the little boy energy that was persisting there. The energy in the house itself felt so much lighter, calmer but also energised. Thank you so much! Having struggled to look forward to the future, I now feel a lot more positive!”

Jacqui Ellis | Director of Deep Connexions U.K.

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